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  • RDE RELEASE 2 ANNOUNCEMENTThis RDE has been updated to Release 2.2:
    New Data
    Weather and maintenance vehicle engine status data from Minnesota
    One-day of performance data for over 2700 connected vehicles from Safety Pilot Model Deployment in Ann Arbor, MI
    New RDE Features:
    Enhanced user interface
    Data download capability
    Feedback Welcome
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  • RDE Visualization Panel RDE Visualization Panel

  • Road Weather Demonstration Road Weather Demonstration

  • RDE Feedback RDE Feedback

    As part of the RDE Release 2.2 we are soliciting feedback from current and potential users of ITS and Connected Vehicle data. We realize the importance of gauging end-user satisfaction since the RDE is the DCM Program’s primary interface to the broader transportation research community. We need your input to help us make the RDE a more user-friendly and impactful resource within the research community! Please login or create a new account to provide feedback.

  • RDE Samples Announcement We Have Samples!

    The RDE now has SAMPLE files you can download and evaluate. These Samples contain the same columns and data types as the complete files, but contain only a few records. Samples allow you to confirm your data ingestion and processing routines with very low overhead.

  • Safety Pilot Model Deployment - One Day Sample Data Environment Safety Pilot Model Deployment

    The Safety Pilot Model Deployment (SPMD) One Day Sample data environment contains sanitized mobility data elements that were collected by over 2700 vehicles, equipped with connected vehicle technologies, traversing Ann Arbor's transportation network. The mobility data provided in this environment is intended to support continued development in the connected vehicle domain including the development of Dynamic Mobility Applications to support improved transportation operation.

  • Integrated Mobile Observation data environment announcement Data Environment Integrated Mobile Observation

    Registered users can now download the RDE API client application and receive a real-time data feed from the Minnesota Integrated Mobile Observation (IMO) project. Mobile (vehicle based) observations of road weather related and other data is provided from Minnesota DOT maintenance vehicles in this FHWA sponsored project. This data is also saved as archive files.

  • The Trajectory Converter Analysis linkTrajectory Converter Analysis
    The Trajectory Converter Analysis (TCA) Software Build 1 is now available for download on the Open Source Application Development Portal. The TCA Software is designed to test different strategies for producing, storing, and transmitting Connected Vehicle Probe Data Message (PDM) and Basic Safety Message (BSM) information. The TCA reads in and uses vehicle trajectory information, Roadside Equipment (RSE) location information and strategy information to produce a series of PDMs and BSMs that the vehicles would transmit and a record of which RSEs would receive them. The software is available as a standalone program and as an add-in module to the VISSIM simulation package.
  • Buses and cars communicating with each other and roadside equipmen Connected Vehicle Research

    The US DOT ITS program is researching connected vehicle technologies and applications. Our vision is one of pervasive real time data that connects vehicles, transportation infrastructure, and mobile devices to enable applications that improve transportation safety, mobility, and the environment. For more information on the US DOT connected vehicle research program, please visit US DOT ITS Joint Program Office .

RDE RELEASE 2 ANNOUNCEMENT.1 RDE Visualization Panel.2 Road Weather Data Simulation.3 RDE Feedback.4 RDE Samples Announcement.5 Safety Pilot Model Deployment - One Day Sample6 Integrated Mobile Observation data environment announcement7 The Trajectory Converter Analysis link8 Buses and cars communicating with each other and roadside equipment9


The Research Data Exchange (RDE) is developed as a transportation data sharing system that promotes sharing of both archived and real-time data from multiple sources (including vehicle probes) and multiple modes. This new data sharing capability will better support the needs of ITS researchers and developers while reducing costs and encouraging innovation.

The primary purpose of the DCM (Data Capture and Management) Research Data Exchange is to provide a variety of data-related services that support the development, testing, and demonstration of multi-modal transportation mobility applications being pursued under the USDOT ITS Dynamic Mobility Applications (DMA) Program and other connected vehicle research activities. Data accessible through the Research Data Exchange will be well-documented and freely available to the public. The vision of the DCM Program is to enhance current operational practices and transform future transportation systems management through the active acquisition and systematic provision of integrated data from infrastructure, vehicles, and travelers. This data is available to researchers, application developers, and others.

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